Hi, Iím Ralph. Welcome to my personal travel page. I update it from time to time.

When it was cold in Florida, I found a warm place in the Caribbean Feb 2015 Jamaica.htm Here are a few photos from a Spring trip to Europe.Early2015.htm

Here are a few photos of some places I visited in2014. 2014 adventures.htm Hereís a story about a Europe visit in Nov 2014 Benelux 2014 Story.htm Here are more photos taken in 2014Photos 2014.htm

Here are a few of the photos I took when visiting Holland and Italy in the summer of 2013. 2013Holland&ItalyVisit.htm and here are photos of a few flights to Cold Mountain in North Carolina in the summer and fall of 2013 2013 flights to North Carolina.htm

In the fall of 2013 when it finally started to cool off in Florida, I went flying in a bi-wing and an ultra-light and even got to captain a speed boat off Clearwater Beach.2013Flying&Boating.htm

Photos and comments from a May 2013 visit to Cordoba, Seville and Madrid Spain.VisitSpain2013.htm and more photos of the trip MoreSpainPhotos2013.htm a few notes on the visit SpainTripNarrative2013.htm and some final observations on my visit to Spain LastWordsOnSpain2013.htm

A few photos from my trip to the Bahamas in early 2013 2013 Eleuthera.htm and a few photos of Lutz and a few from AmsterdamLutzAdamLate2012.htm

Here Iíve posted pictures of a visit to San Fransisco in mid-August 2012. SanFransisco2012.htm and here are some photos of a flight to Key West, Florida in early August 2012.KeyWest2012.htm

These are some of the photos I took in the Netherlands when I visited Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Utrecht in July 2012 Netherlands2012.htm And hereís the narrative about first part of the trip LostLuggageVacation2012.htm and the second part of the visit to Holland CouchSurfAdam2012.htm

These are some fantastic photos of my latest flight to visit family on Cold Mountain in June 2012 Visit to NC Mountains 2012.htm

In May 2012 I visited northwest Italy near the town of Cairo-Montenotte. Here are photos of the trip Italy photos 2012.htm. And more photos Italyfotos2012.htm and a short narrative of the visit.Italy2012.htm

About 300 nautical miles from Lutz, Florida is the island of Abaco and several small islands, including Elbow Cay and the Bahamian village of Hopetown. I flew there in February 12.Bahamas2012.htm

Aruba is an island 13 miles from Venezuela that most people have heard of but never seen. Here are few photo of my visit there in late 2011. ArubaSnorkelTour2011.htm

In October 2011, I flew to the mountains of western North Carolina to see the leaves change color. Here are some of the photos of the visit.NCmountains2011.htm

Here are a few photographs of a four-day trip in the fall of 2011 to visit my friends, Martin and Annelies and their kids. HollandSept2011.htm and a brief essay about travels there in the fall of 2011: DutchVisitFall2011.htm

In August 2011 I was lucky enough to visit my friends in Italy.ItalyAug2011.htm Here are more photos MoreItaly2011.htm and a brief description of my first few days of the visit TripNotesItaly.htm

After returning from Italy I helped Tammy celebrate her birthday on Saint Petersburg Beach, Florida TammysBirthday.htm Here more photos from the party MoreTammyParty2011.htm

In June 2011 we flew to North Carolina to visit ColdMountain.htm and visit cousin Ben and the rest of the Fishback clan.

In late April and early May 2011, I visited the country of Croatia to snorkel in the Adriatic Sea and enjoy the mountains and food of this former Communist Country CroatiaVisit2011.htm

Here are more photos of the visit to Croatia and Holland MoreCroatiaPhotos.htm Here are some written notes on the Croatia visit CroatiaNarrative.htm and CroatiaSnorkeling.htm

In March 2011 I flew my plane to an island off the coast of the panhandle of Florida called DogIsland.htm

These photos were taken in Norway in the summer of 2010: I go stung by jellyfish and got to take an outdoor shower in the mountainsCabin-Norway.htm

In 2010 I also visited my friends Martin and Annelies in Italy. Their house is in the North part of the country near Cairo MonteNotte. Here are some photos of the visit. MoreItalyPhotos.htm

Here are some photos of a visit to Costa Rica in early 2010 with some law school friends, John and Alan. It was fun.

In April 2011 I flew there with some friends to visit Marsh Harbour and ElbowCay 2011.htm

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